#3, When addressing your e-mail, please cut and paste the e-mail addresses from our DC membership list. Otherwise you may have old addresses stored in your computer.

#4, When DC members contact you with their choices, always send them a confirmation.

For any questions or issues with this site or any Club related Questions in General Contact

David J. Rodgers - Club Director

email = david_n_allison@yahoo.com  phone= 215-402-0958

#2, Some DC members may not have the same software or operating system installed as you. When sending out notifications always put your menu in the body of the e-mail in addition to whatever attachments you are using.

Bucks County Dining Club

#5, For future Hosts, when possible, please send a save the date email to all DC members once your restaraunt and date are confirmed, this should help assure the best possible turnout.

Hosting Guidelines:

#1, Over time we lose former DC members and gain new members. Always check the up to date DC membership list.